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Expert content to inform your demand channel strategies
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Channel Services

Demand Generation
Partner recruitment:
Identify the most suitable channel partners to drive your business outcomes
MDF optimization:
Drive maximum impact and ROI with an assessment of your MDF allocation
Channel Strategy
Start-up: Accommodate smaller budgets that get revenue flowing sooner with expert messaging and go-to-market advice.
Growth: Super-charge your marketing program and upskill your team with best practices to scale your business and reach new and exciting markets.
Enterprise: Drive in-depth projects to focus on important data and transform approaches, with strategic and tactical experts to bring your plans to life.
Channel Content
ITCurated: Engage unique audiences with custom content creation and campaigns promoted in-house via our ITCurated network of 32+ publications.
Commercial content:
Develop personalized channel content that drives engagement with your target buyers.
Brand to Demand Intelligence
Identify highly engaged prospects in real time: Achieve success with actionable data and behavioral insights on your leads to inform future strategies.
Nurturing campaigns:
Build high-value relationships that drive revenue and brand evangelism.
Optimize in-flight programs for efficiency and performance:
Monitor ongoing programs and implement adjustments to hit your KPIs.

Channel Insights

Channel Experts


7Demand are experts in demand marketing who create and manage customer campaigns, and empower Partner Marketing teams to match the campaign sophistication of their customer marketing peers.

This team of strategic experts spot opportunities, working alongside sharp tactical specialists to get the job done. Tap into a vast network of global specialists who are not easily found elsewhere, harnessing the proven methodologies developed through years of experience in B2B marketing leadership roles.

The Channel Meet Up

A unique and exclusive event for channel professionals. It is a chance to meet and work with your peers; to learn best practices and to work through channel challenges.

There are short talks from specialists and table discussions—one of the main events is the panel debate where delegates can post questions to the assembled experts.

After the event you will have access to research and content arising from discussions and analyst papers.

INFUSE Demand Channel

Matt Dalton, Strategic Head of Channel at INFUSE, is available to help plan your next demand generation strategy. With over 10 years of channel experience, Matt has plenty to share on how to address demand generation difficulties for your partners, customized approaches, and more.

Discover the next
Channel Meet Up

Event Theme: Driving Partner Sourced Demand

June 20th 2024
Boston, MA

What are channel marketers telling us?

Challenges we have identified in interviews

We sometimes have a lack of relevant content and this can take time to produce.
We need the ability and flexibility to deliver leads at all stages of the funnel dependent on the size and experience of our partners.
Volume is important but getting the right qualification and nurture process before receiving a lead can be critical in a partner follow up.
Lead validation is hugely important, we need to know that what we are sending our partners is accurate, up to date and relevant.
Co-branded and co-funded campaigns with partners do work, but often partners can be time poor and we need some simple, easy to digest demand gen solutions.
Our partners can’t nurture leads, they don’t have the experience or skills in house.
“The account engagement and support were fabulous.”
Jennifer S, Regional Marketing Leader
“They are responsive and quick, and very helpful when setting up new programs or making adjustments. They follow our templates and provide timely updates.”
Alexandra D, Digital Marketing Manager

Drive your channel performance with 1000+ demand experts worldwide

The INFUSE Demand Channel has been crafted specifically to address the issues of the space and drive performance.

Our 1000+ demand experts are uniquely positioned to execute programs based on each partner’s required ICPs by working with both vendor and partner to deliver impactful outcomes.

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